Our Story


Hey there babe!

Thank you for stopping by my store! My name is Bryanna
Newham(maiden name, Swan). I started Lost Creek in May of 2019.



My team currently consists of 1 full time employee, Kylie, that helps with shipping, inventory, and modeling. And 1 part time employee, Maddie, that helps with social media and modeling! We also have a great selection of brand reps we love working with!

Everything else, the rest of marketing, advertising, taxes, emailing, buying, and etc is all done by me! Because of my amazing customers this boutique is my full time job. I’m living my dream!!



My husband, Kaleb(pictured here with me) and I are located in central Missouri.

We built our dream home together in 2020, got married in October of 2021, I started my own cattle business(Lost Creek Cattle Co, find our merch here on the site) in April 2022, and we just built Lost Creek's travel trailer, warehouse and store front on the same property in August of 2022!

This year, in July, we are welcoming our baby girl, Reno Lynn, into the world and we couldn't be more thrilled to share our way of life with her and to give you all a look into what our life is like on social media. 



Kaleb is a welder and a logger. He has his own business in both, he builds agriculture fence mainly all year around but logs in the winter.

 When we're not working our businesses or on his family's farm, in our spare time we love to hunt, it's our biggest hobby outside of our businesses and we take it pretty seriously! In April you can find us hunting turkey and in late September through November, you can find us in the deer stand! 



'Lost Creek' came from where I grew up. I spent a lot of time when I was little growing up on my families gun range. We are called 'Grand River Muzzle Loaders'. The area in which the range resides on, has been nicknamed Lost Creek.  We would camp there on the range every Labor and Memorial Day weekend. We pitched our teepees(for real, actual teepees) and dressed in our native mountain men buckskin. This place has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, the people and the place make it feel like a forever home!

Well enough about us, we hope that you enjoy the store and what we have to offer! Have a great day and my family and I greatly appreciate you stopping by!